Kate Holliday Ceramics

Handmade Sculptures for Homes and Gardens

I am a ceramicist producing a range of sculptural work that can be displayed in the home or garden.  I started out making pieces for the garden, but many customers have chosen to display them inside their homes and offices.  The sculptures are made from porcelain paper clay and although delicate by design they are surprisingly strong.  The pieces in my garden have been left out all year and although they need a bit of cleaning in the spring, they have successfully weathered the past 3 winters.  The only casualty has been due to mis-aimed football so perhaps not for you if you have any budding soccer stars practising in your garden!!


The gallery will give you some idea of how the sculptures will work in your home or garden.  The smaller wall pieces are often displayed in groups  although I  sell them individually to allow you to mix and match to your own taste.  


If you see something in the gallery that is not available in the shop, then please feel free to email me to see if I can make for you.  

Need to see before you buy?
My studio is in Twickenham, if there is something you would like to see 'in real life' please contact me and I can arrange for you to visit.



About The Work

The sculptures are all hand built using porcelain paper clay.  The designs constantly evolve and are inspired by nature.  Porcelain paper clay was chosen because it is strong and can resist the elements but is also delicate and allows the clay to be manipulated into small shapes and forms.  


Most of the sculptures are constructed from a thrown base.


The base is a totally enclosed hollow form shaped like a doughnut.   The base is porcelain.


Appropriate fixing holes are made depending on whether the sculpture is to be wall-hanging or mounted on a base 



Individual sections of paper clay are then added to build up the final shape.

Colour is added to some sculptures with copper oxide and the forms are partially glazed with a clear porcelain glaze.

largefoxgloves in garden.jpg

The different 'Spike' sculptures are also made from paper clay. Individual sections are hand-built, painted with oxide and glazed.  They are mounted on a steel rod post firing.


All my work is fired to stoneware temperature making it durable and weather proof for the garden or home.