I have always been a maker and creator.  I sewed and made clothes from an early age. I drew and painted and loved construction and building things and once I had my own home I was constantly improving and decorating it.  However I didn’t pursue arts or craft in my career.  Instead I went to university, studied engineering and had a fabulously interesting career in the oil industry for almost 20 years.


Clay and pottery came into my life when I reduced my hours after having a family and thought I would try pottery for relaxation.  My first piece was a hand built teapot and from that moment I was hooked.  I have studied part-time at Richmond Adult College for over 15 years, sometimes taking ‘leisure’ courses and other times completing professional qualifications.  My most recent course was a two year HNC course in Ceramics which gave me time and resources to focus on the areas of my practice I wished to develop. My final HNC project in 2017 was the start of the journey to the sculptures that I am now creating.


I am lucky enough to have a studio at home where I make and fire all my sculptures.   I also run a profitable business making and selling ceramic buttons. The two sides of my work compliment each other as one uses the off-cut  clay from the other so nothing is ever wasted!

My First Pot!